Cherie Cox


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There is NO need to doubt yourself

There is no need to doubt yourself 

You are here for a reason   

You are here to be happy and enjoy each day

Experiences have brought you to where you should be

Helping you grow into the magnificent being you are

Making you wake up and step into your true self

Don’t think of your past as a limitation

Learn and expand from what has come your way

Take each lesson and grow

Fill yourself with love not doubt

Don’t stand in your own way

Don’t hold yourself back

It is time to connect with your power within

Sharing your soul gifts

Being grateful for who you are

From this day forward, you will no longer doubt yourself

You will be proud of who you are

You will stand in your light

Spreading love everywhere you go

Taking action towards your dreams

There is NO stopping you now

You are done doubting yourself

Here to shine

Ready to radiate


Happiness Within,