Cherie Cox


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RAISE your vibration 

Do you feel abundant in your life?

Does your life fully light you up?

Are you attracting what you desire?

The words that you think and speak

The energy you put out to the Universe

Are manifesting your current reality

Thankfully you are able of shift this

You are capable of living your dream life

You just need to align with its vibration

By shifting into a space of abundance

By connecting with excitement and joy

By feeling at peace from within you

By knowing how amazing you are

By speaking uplifting words of love

By igniting your inner inspiration 

By nourishing your soul every day

By allowing your body to feel free

By being grateful in each moment

By relaxing into the beautiful now

By taking time each day to be still

By celebrating where you are in your life 

You will start to connect with what you desire

You will RAISE your vibration higher and higher

You will become a magnet for a life that lights you up


Happiness Within,