Cherie Cox


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The CHOICE is yours

How you move through the day is a choice

How you react to situations is a choice

The way you live your life is a choice

You are in control of how you live

You choose how you design each day

How does it feel knowing this truth?

Are you proud of the life you’re living?

Are you attracting all that you desire?

Does your life fully light you up?

If you are not happy with your life

If you are not satisfied with where you are

If you know you are here for so much more

Then it is time to go after the life you want

It is time to take massive inspired action

It is time to awaken the vision you seek

Because this is your one life as you

You have been gifted with this life    

You have been divinely guided here 

The life you desire is available to you

It is ready to be yours when you believe in it

It will arrive when you claim and embody it

Today, it is your CHOICE to choose more

Please choose to live from a space of love

Please choose to live the life of your dreams


Happiness Within,