Cherie Cox


ALWAYS find your way

On the days that you doubt yourself

On the days you are overwhelmed

Know that the fog will start to fade

Because you are capable of anything

You are much stronger than you think

There is light to be found in dark places

On the days that you feel sad

On the days that you feel down

Know that peace is on its way

Because your heart is filled with joy

Your body will support and uplift you

Your soul will offer unconditional love

On the days that you feel lost

On the days you don’t know what’s next

Know that the confusion will pass

Because there is a vision within you

There is a knowing inside of you

Your inner compass will not lead you astray

On the days you question your life path

On the days that you can’t find faith

Know that clarity will soon come

Because life is working with you

The Universe will ALWAYS support you

Your inner guidance will help you find your way


Happiness Within,