Cherie Cox


Master Your Mindset

8 Week Transformation


Are You Radiating to Your Fullest?
If not, then it’s time to open the door to who you were created to be.


Master Your Mindset will help you:

▻ Say goodbye to confusion, self-doubt and fear

▻ Ignite your inner guidance and confidence

▻ Get crystal clear on your goals and desires

▻ Connect and align with your authentic self

▻ Shift your energy and raise your vibration

▻ Allow your intuition to flow freely

▻ Create a manifesting mindset

▻ Navigate towards a life of abundance

▻ Awaken the life you are here for

Over the 8 weeks you will let go of limiting beliefs so positive outcomes can be manifested. You will uplevel your mindset and awaken your divine self so you can embody your dream life, now. As your Guiding Light, I will motivate you on your path to purpose, guide you to listen and trust your intuition and help you embody the life you truly desire.


What you receive:

▻ 1 hour weekly Guiding Light session

▻ Two Energy Healing sessions

▻ A daily practice that will set you and your day up for success

▻ Guided meditations to raise your vibration

▻ Daily journaling to release what does not serve you and call in the life you desire

▻ Daily inspiration and motivation sent to you

▻ Weekly empowering exercises to ignite the power within you

Live a life that lights you up