Cherie Cox


Bringing Dreams to Life

"Cherie is a natural-born healer! She is warm, friendly and empathic, and has an innate way of making you feel comfortable and at ease. Working with Cherie gave me both clarity and confidence, and helped me learn lasting habits to cope with stress and uncertainty. I genuinely enjoyed spending time with her each session - she is an absolute delight."
Stefanie Fiore - Digital Project Manager

“I worked with Cherie on a 1:1 basis and discovered that she has an incredible talent for picking up on the area of your life where you may be a bit disconnected or out of touch with yourself. She brought things into focus for me that have made a real and positive impact on my well-being. Cherie is very warm and gentle to work with, as well as having a great sense of humour. Cherie is a very talented coach and a lovely person to work with. Your life will be the better for having met her.”
Anne Burton - Director at Ontologics Ltd. 

“Cherie has the gift of being able to interpret and receive messages that I couldn't see for myself. Listening and interacting with her immediately helps you move a scattered focus from a busy demanding life to just be in the moment with her. I loved doing our sessions before bed because I struggle with sleep due to physical pain and an unsettled digestive system. This meant I had a great nights sleep and woke up feeling more refreshed. I'm in London and Cherie is in Canada so if you're worried about not having a healer near you, energy has no boundaries!”
Nadine Barrett - Just Me On Life Coaching & The Emerging Warrior Virtual Retreat.


Together we will make a difference