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Love will conquer all

Love is your natural state and one of the greatest ways to connect with the feeling of love is through relationships. Relationships are an opportunity to grow and embrace the power of love.

Your relationship with yourself is a relationship that you will forever nurture. It is through love of yourself that you will connect with your passions and purpose. Your relationships with others are relationships that will help you learn empathy and compassion. It is through sharing love to others that you will understand the joy and power of connection.

When I was single I learned so much about myself. I was very independent, loved my alone time and was able to really take time to understand who I am. For years I dove into learning, growing and expanding my consciousness. I was on a mission to love myself, fully and completely. 

Through relationships I have learned to love in different ways. Being in a partnership requires patience and understanding that we are all unique and we all have different dreams. Being in a relationship has helped me release expectations and enjoy and love someone for who they are. 

Through loving myself and loving others I have learned that there is love to be found in every moment. There is always love around us. There is an endless amount of love everywhere we go. 

But, you must choose to see it and feel it. When you choose to live from a space of love, love will arrive. It is through love that you will shine like you are meant to.  

Today, choose to love yourself. Choose to radiate love. Choose to embody love. Choose to love others for who they are. Please return to your natural state. Love will conquer all. 


Happiness Within,