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The power of patterns

Have you noticed that certain things keep showing up in your life?

Another relationship with the same issues?
Another job that doesn’t make you happy?
The same doubt filled thoughts surfacing?

Patterns that surface have meaning behind them. There is a reason for them. There is power within them. These patterns keep showing up in your life because there is something for you to learn. There is something within them that needs to be healed. Something that you need to overcome and let go of. Patterns hold lessons.

For years I was in a pattern of being in similar relationships. Relationships that were never fulfilling. Relationships that were never going anywhere. It wasn’t until I got to the root cause of WHY I kept being faced with these relationships and healed the cause that I found a relationship that is filled with love, kindness, patience, respect and trust. It was when I looked within that I found the answer. I will never forget the moment this realization hit me! I remember this moment so clearly. I was sitting on my yoga mat, in my condo, meditating and just like that the root cause flashed before me. I wasn’t even looking for the answer in that moment, but it appeared. As soon as I saw why I had been in these relationships, tears instantly started streaming down my face. Tears of sadness, tears of pain, tears of finally understanding.

The two most important men in my life had left.

My Dad left my Mom when I was very young and years later my brother moved to the US to live with my Dad. As an adult I see it very clearly and understand their decision. As an adult I know they made the right decision and did what was right for them; it had nothing to do with me. But, as a child I didn’t understand like I do now. I would like to share that my Dad is amazing, he is such a great Dad and has always been a huge part of my life even with distance. Still, my young heart didn’t understand. What I had realized in that moment, on my yoga mat was that I had been in these unfulfilling relationships because I didn’t feel lovable. I was in relationships that always had something holding us apart because in my subconscious, they were going to leave anyway. This realization was very powerful for me. I held this realization close and took daily action to heal this wound and reconnect to the loveable, worthy soul that I am. It took time to heal and it took patience but as I worked through my thoughts and feelings I found so much love on the other side. A love that I am grateful to say I feel every day. I now know my worth, I now know that I am lovable and I now know that I am always enough.


If there is something that keeps showing up – you have the power to change it. I know you may not want to face certain things but trust me once you do, you’ll be forever grateful. If you don’t change your patterns, you will continue to experience the same things over and over again. Acknowledge what is going on in your life and then take inspired action to heal and release what is no longer serving you. It is in this space that you will redirect your energy and attract what you want. You will no longer be available for anything less. Set boundaries, claim what you want and surround yourself with love. By healing your patterns, it is then that you will only be available for what lights you up.


Happiness Within,