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Are you living in abundance?

Earlier this year I really started tuning into abundance. For a long time I had lived in a scarcity mindset. Seeing with eyes of lack and thinking that abundance was hard to come by. As I started to dig deeper to see what was going on, boy oh boy did a lot come up! It all came down to – I didn’t feel worthy or enough. Coming from this space was clouding my path to abundance. 

How could I see abundance when I didn’t feel worthy of it? 
How could I live in abundance when I didn’t feel like I was enough? 

For the first time in a long time I was able to see clearly and it was then that I knew I had a choice – to continue to live in lack or to start choosing abundance. So, I chose abundance and mission heal these wounds and live in abundance began.

At first it was emotional. Paying attention and understanding why these lack feelings and thoughts were there brought up lots of past pain. Thankfully, as I continued to heal and release what came up, it was easier to change the way I thought and felt. As lack left, abundance arrived. In every moment I chose abundance. I looked at my life and acknowledged the abundance in it, now. I would look around and see abundance. I would think thoughts full of abundance. I would then connect with what abundance feels like to me. As I shifted into a space of being abundant I could feel a massive shift within me….  

Hello Abundance, it is so wonderful to meet you.
You are welcoming, filled with love and everywhere, in every moment. 

I now take massive action to raise my vibration and see abundance everywhere – in the sky, in our home, in my body, in my bank account, in the people I cross paths with. This is my new way of living and a daily practice. The more I tune into being abundant, the more magical my life becomes. As I have shifted into the space of abundance, I chose to trust and know that life is happening for me and with me. That the Universe is on my side and that I am worthy of all that I wish for. I now feel lit up from the inside out and my life lights me up because I changed the story I once upon a time told myself. 

Do you feel abundant? 
Do you feel abundant in your life, now?

Making this shift in my life was life changing and I know you can do this too. I know you have the power within you to live an abundant life, now. As you start on this journey, pay close attention to where your thoughts go and drift. As lack thoughts surface, choose to change them to thoughts that fill you with love. In every moment, choose abundance. See the abundance around you. Think abundantly. Feel abundant. Breathe in abundance. Abundance is always available to you. It is here, now. The question is - will you choose to see it?


Happiness Within,