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When was the last time you said to yourself - I LOVE YOU?

For far too long, I didn’t fully love myself. I was so hard on myself and would critique each and every move. Writing that breaks my heart. As I reflect on those years I can see how long this went on for. I wish I could go back in time to nurture my soul, tell myself that I’m doing an amazing job, that everything will be ok and to be kind to myself. Since I can’t go back in time I choose to nurture my soul now and fill myself with love every day moving forward.  

What a difference this makes… 
A loving mindset instead of a lack mindset. 
Supportive thoughts instead of doubt filled thoughts. 
Seeing myself with eyes of love instead of seeing myself as not enough.

This shift took time. It took time, patience and a whole lot of self-care. It didn’t happen overnight. After many years of not fully loving and appreciating who I am I have now made self-love a daily practice. A daily practice filled with gratitude and appreciation. A self-love journey that makes me smile and lights me up. Every morning when I rise I connect with the love that is within me. What a powerful way to start the day. 

Here’s the thing though, we all can be hard on ourselves. It happens. It’s life. But in every moment you can call upon the love within you. And POOF, it will be there. Ready and excited to arrive. Truth be told, it never goes away but we can allow our negative thoughts to cloud it. Our minds can create a haze so dense that seeing the love within is completely out of sight. 

Today, look at yourself in the mirror and say – I LOVE YOU. 
Look yourself right in the eyes and say – I LOVE YOU. 

When was the last time you actually looked yourself in the eyes and said something loving? When was the last time you saw yourself with eyes of love? Prior to starting this Self-Love Mirror Exercise, I don’t think I had ever! Now, I do this every morning. At first it may feel a bit uncomfortable but trust me, your soul will love you for it. Let yourself know that you are loved by you. Speak kindly to yourself. Embrace each and every curve. 

You are not flawed. 
You are beautiful. 
Connect to your loving soul.
Allow your body and mind to feel at ease.
Be proud of who you are. 

You are you for a reason. You are here for a reason. You are a one of a kind soul in the magical world we live in. Please never doubt that. And if you do, use this practice to shift your perspective and return to love.

You are loved beyond words and you are exactly as you are meant to be.  


Happiness Within,