Cherie Cox


Divine Energy

You are energy. Everything is energy. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

There is a comfort in knowing that everything is energy. There is a knowing that I can’t explain. There is a warmth in the feeling. There is love in that reality.

As you look around it does not appear that we are all energy. Yet, when you get to the heart of it all, that is what we all are.

If everything is energy, that means we are all the same and in essence, we are all one. If we are all one, then why do so many of us think and feel like we are separate?
Because we choose to feel this way.
Because society has programmed us like this.
Because life happens and we get in a separation mindset.

You have a choice every single day how you want to live your life and how you want to view your life.

You can make things challenging. You can create resistance. You can fill yourself with fear. Or, you can connect with the loving energy within each moment, the power within each breath, the abundance that is here, right now and allow life to flow with ease. When you start to connect with the power of energy, you will start to feel a calmness. You will start to understand that Planet Earth is a miraculous place. You will know that life is full of magical moments that are working with you and happening for you.

Today, connect with your energy and how you are feeling.

Today, choose to feel the energy around you. Choose to see the energy radiating from all that you come in contact with. Choose to connect with the existence that is within all of us.

Today, choose to rise above what you physically see and connect with eternal love.

Today, choose to live in a high vibration because it is in this space that your energy will start to attract all that you desire.


Happiness Within,