Cherie Cox


Hello amazing life that I have been gifted! 

I feel so grateful to be able to look around and be excited by the life that I am living. My journey ignites passion within me and I know that I have a life purpose to serve in my body. 

It wasn’t always this way. I used to have a really hard time allowing my inner light to shine. Even though I knew I had so much to give I allowed self-doubt to control me.

It was during a heartbreaking, dark time in my life when I finally pushed myself to break through those barriers. As I was healing from the loss of my mom, I began healing myself. I took action to love and believe in myself, I started to claim my worth and listen to the loving whispers within me. It was then that everything in my life changed.

Through exploring, experiences, lessons, learning, and daily practices I have come out stronger and more awakened. I am aligned with my intuition, passion and purpose. I feel empowered to know I’m following my dreams and creating the life I desire. 

Now, it is your time. To love the life you’ve been gifted. As a Mindset Coach I will empower you to rise up to the life you desire and are here for. No more standing in your own way, no more living in limiting beliefs. You are here for so much more. Get ready to shift your mindset, raise your vibration and feel abundant in every moment.


Happiness Within