Cherie Cox


The Rising Abundant Woman

4-Week Transformation


Are You Living an Abundant Life?

If not, then it’s time to connect to the abundance within and around you.


You are meant to live a life of love, light, happiness and abundance. Yet, throughout our lives we can create blocks that hold us back from living in abundance. This is your one life as you. This is your time to shine like you are meant to, create the life you desire and receive massive amounts of abundance. 


The Rising Abundant Woman will help you to navigate towards a life of peace, love and abundance. The purpose of this 4-week program is to teach you how to receive all the abundance you desire. As your Guiding Light, I will motivate you on your path to clarity, guide you to listen and trust your inner self and help you begin your personal growth journey of seeing and receiving abundance.


The Rising Abundant Woman will help you let go of negative thoughts and be present so positive outcomes can be manifested. This is a transformational process where I will lead you to alignment, help you tap into the power within, let go of what does not serve a positive purpose, and support you to live the abundant life you are designed for. 


1 Energy Healing session

1 hour weekly Guiding Light session

A daily practice that will set you and your day up for success

Daily meditation to raise your vibration to be in alignment with abundance

Daily journaling to call in and attract the life you desire

Daily inspiration and motivation sent to you

Weekly abundance exercises to connect with abundance

You will learn how to create the life that you desire. You will also learn to have trust in yourself, nourish your soul and live each day to the fullest. As a result, you will live a vibrant life where love, light, and abundance shine through. 

This program will support you to:

• Start a fulfilling journey

• Be present, live in the moment

• Get out of your shadow and step into your light

• Change your mindset and release thoughts that are blocking abundance

• Get clear on your goals, desires and clear the path to live the vibrant life you're meant to

• Ignite your inner guidance, confidence and abundance

• Connect and align with your authentic self

• Allow intuition and energy to flow freely

• Create a manifesting mindset

• Receive abundance

• Be abundant

Are you ready to Rise Up? 

If your answer is YES, then I’m absolutely ready to guide you on your journey.