Cherie Cox


Reiki Energy Healing

75 Minute Session - $80

Energy is constant and is always within and around us. Can you feel it?
We are all made of powerful energy, and are consistently vibrating and manifesting life.
We are all connected and one. How amazing is that? 

“We are all connected“


Any negative energy that is not serving you is important to clear away so you can reach a higher and more positive vibrational level and become more aligned. 

“Become more aligned“


Reiki uses a technique where universal energy is transferred through the palms of my hands to you to encourage emotional or physical healing. The Energy Healing treatment is relaxing, calming and rejuvenating and is beneficial for your body and mind. It will release tension and stagnant energy that you are holding on to. Blocks will be cleared and the natural flow of life will ignite.

Change Your Energy to Transform Your Life